Mother Up, A Contemporary Western  (action/adventure)

​The last cowboy in Oregon is trapped between environmentalists who want his land and militia extremists who want to make him a martyr. When his son is caught in the crossfire, Gabe does things he never thought he’d do to save what he cares about most.​ Director Alex Cox (REPO MAN, SID & NANCY) will direct.

Sizzle film:

The Echanis  (drama)

With little time to live, a rancher must decide between a developer he'd like for a son (who wants to build a wind farm on the ranch that will make his family rich for generations) or an enchanting environmentalist (who wants to join his land with hers and add both to a wilderness reserve). What hangs in the balance is the future of his precious land and the legacy he leaves behind.  

Music Man Project  (drama)

When a man moves his family into a derelict theater to pursue his passion for live music, he puts the people he loves most at risk for an evanescent and perhaps unattainable goal. 

Desert Eyes  (action/thriller)

Sara lives off the grid, in the Oregon desert, until a drone finds her buried treasure. Once electronic eyes reveal her past, relentless enemies are unleashed on the ground and in the air as she fights for privacy and her life.​